What Is A Silent or Mirrorless Haircut? And 10 reasons why we offer them NOW.

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Some of you eagle eyed beauties will have noticed we’ve added a few add-on options to our booking list.

This is something we put out there as a matter of curiosity and due to a great response we’ve decided to keep it.

You can now opt for a silent haircut or mirrorless service. Don’t have a clue what these are? Don’t worry we explain all below…

What is a silent haircut?

Of course we must always discuss what it is you’d like to achieve with your service and for that, we need to an in depth discussion. Following this, we will then leave you to enjoy the experience without conversation or small talk.

Why a silent service?


      • People often choose to enjoy this when they have a hectic lifestyle and their appointment at the salon is a chance to unwind.


        • Some people want to simply indulge in the sensory aspect of their visit, absorbing the smells, touch and watching and listening to the goings on around them.


          • Some people choose to bring their work or studying with them and like to use the time seated to do either of these things.


            • Visitors with Autism and other social and neuro disorders often struggle with maintaining conversation and simply would prefer not to.


              • There is also quite often an experience of sensory overload when in a place such as this, adding conversation into the mix can be the overstimulation that turns what is meant to be a pleasurable experience into a traumatic one.

            Obviously we cannot guarantee a completely silent service as the salon is an open space for all, this option is designed to remove any awkwardness around telling your stylist how you like to enjoy your visit, we honestly don’t mind, our priority is for you to have the best experience possible!

            What is a mirrorless service?

            A mirrorless service is where we complete your hair cut or colour without sitting directly in front of a mirror. In our salon we have a dining table layout that allows us to work away from direct mirror view creating more of a ‘homely’ experience.

            Now, why would someone opt out of sitting in front of a mirror?


                • Our autistic guests can find the mirrors over-stimulating along with added anxiety of eye contact


                  • Some people simply don’t enjoy staring at themselves for long periods of time.


                    • Others like to bring their laptops and do some work or studying whilst they are here, they prefer more space and less distraction.


                      • Children quite often need to be allowed to choose where they’d like to sit, wether it be on the rug in the living room area we have created, on the sofa or at the dining table, we like to let them guide us to what makes them feel comfortable.


                        • If we are doing a transformation, the big reveal is part of the fun!

                      Let us know what you think about our new service add-ons, and as always, we value any suggestions on how we could make your experience in salon that little bit better. We’d love to hear from you in the comments or via email.


                      Read more on the silent haircut revolution here: https://www.hji.co.uk/extra-services/why-silent-haircut/


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