Chloe Hair Design Becomes We Are Salon

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chloe hair design becomes we are salon
Let’s discuss the burning question everyone wants to know…

Why did we rebrand?

As Chloé Hair Design saw its third birthday, we used it as a time for reflection. It has been an incredibly tough few years to begin a business and we were so proud of reaching the point we are at against the odds. As the team grew and evolved, we organically developed a brand identity, we know who we are, we know what our brand ethos is, our style, our values and we share these with the clientele we have.

Why We Are?

Whilst brainstorming ideas for names “we are” was a phrase that came up a lot and we began to love the versatility of it and so We Are was born.

We worked with a local, independent media agency Harding-Lee Media who got to know us as a brand were able to translate that into a kick ass visual representation for us and we are SO pleased with the results.

Bossing it.

Of course, with a growing business and team comes more responsibility, and hard work gets rewarded. Georgie is thriving on the shop floor as in her new position as Junior Stylist and Lewis has now become my right-hand man as he is promoted to Salon Manager. He’s doing an incredible job making the day to day running of the salon as smooth as his skin fades.

Future plans.

We’re excited to earn some more awards under our new name and relaunch our academy courses. In the meantime, we are attending some exciting education and industry events that we cannot wait to tell you all about… Next stop Madrid for the International Hairdressing Awards!


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