5 Things Stylists LOVE From Clients And 5 Not So Much…

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Have you ever wanted to know what your stylist is thinking? The We Are Team reveal their top 10 likes and dislikes during appointments.

Inspo pics

👍 Clients that bring photos as a visual aid to demonstrate what they’d like done with their hair. We don’t expect you to reel off all the right vocabulary about shades, tones and cutting angles so the best way to show us your desired outcome is to actually show us. Clients often say I bet you hate this but I have a picture… not

👎 This brings us smoothly onto unrealistic expectations. We’ve all seen the memes, but it’s a true story. “I want to go from this black box dye to this platinum blonde, by the weekend, oh and I only have £100” our response will always be a HELLLL NO. The picture you’ve shown us? A wig/photoshopped/damaged hair. The only way that’ll happen in one session will be if you plan to take it home in a paper bag. This doesn’t mean we won’t do our darndest to get you to your hair goals but you have to trust the process and us, we kinda know what we’re doing.

Running late

👍 If a client is running late, we totally understand things get in the way of our plans were only human. The kindest thing you can do is call to let us know your ETA, it might mean your stylist can grab a cuppa or have the rare opportunity to digest their lunch.

👎 Picture this: your client is 20 minutes late, you haven’t heard from them, you’re on tender hooks wondering if they will be a no show and it’ll be a tin of beans again for dinner, when they rock up with no apology, a coffee and a cake from the place round the corner. You know for a fine fact they chose to join the queue and keep you waiting and didn’t even pick you up an oat milk iced latte for your trouble!

At the shampoo basin

👍 We love to talk about what products we’re using, we have extensive knowledge of our haircare and love to put it to use. We can also really help you improve the longevity of your service as well as solving any problems you might be experiencing by recommending you tailored products. Please don’t be afraid to ask.

👎 Ok… We know Mumma bought you up knowing it’s polite to look someone in the eye when you’re talking to them, but when you’re at the shampoo bowl and you try to maintain eye contact this is what we’re thinking.

Not only do you run the risk of a brow or facewash, we are thinking about what a clear view of our double chin, praying that our nose is clean and fretting about whether we waxed our pits properly or if you can see underboob. So in this instance, lack of eye contact will be excused. The groaning on the other hand…

In the chair

👍 Clean-ish hair for colouring. Ideally not freshly washed as it can make the hair fly away and fully and difficult to handle but whoever started the vicious rumour that having an oil slick hair 3 weeker “makes the colour take better” deserves a special place down below.

👎 3 words… Jelly. Neck. Syndrome. We are really quite happy to keep reminding you to “pop your chin back down” or “uncross your legs for me darl” but there’s really no easy way to tell you to stop your head from flobbing around like a ragdoll.


👍 I particularly adore hearing about peoples travels so I really begrudge the clichéd use of “going anywhere nice oh your holidays this year?” Obviously there hasn’t been a lot of travel to talk about but I love to hear about adventures both past and planned.

👎 If we had a pound for every time a bald bloke came into the salon to pick up his wife and said “I’d like a perm please!” We would be big ol’ franchise by now. No one has the heart to tell them they aren’t the first to think of that line so we roar with laughter every time but there are SO many we hear on the regs, some other favourites are “Can you get that hair off the floor and stick it on mine?!” “Those with curly want it straight, those with straight want it curly” “Did you get a trim? No I died the ends invisible” Who are we kidding we do love to hate them!


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